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2 HOP Quick Step Trainer

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This product currently cannot be purchased. Please call 888-366-4711 for more information.


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Challenge: I’m so tired of telling my players to “get on their toes”!

Solution: The patent-pending 2-HOP is a training aid many have dreamed about. For parents, coaches, and teaching pros who are tired of telling players to “Get on your toes” this training aid is PERFECT! 

Fits children’s shoe size 3 and larger. Designed by tennis professional Grant Rolley.

The 2-HOP works easily. Just slide the two buzzing inserts into any pair of sneakers. There is a 2-second delay timer that allows players to actually step solidly to hit balls. It won’t “buzz” unless, of course, you don’t recover to get ready for the next shot. However, wait too long for a serve on your heels or stand still after any shot for more than 2 seconds and you’ll be reminded with an audible “buzz” plus you’ll feel a strong vibration inside your shoes!

Ideally players do not want to hear or feel any “buzz” at all. Use it when shadow-swinging, practicing on a ball machine, in a warm-up, or even for a handful of games. We recommend using it for between 3 and 15 minutes! Then just try and maintain the same “on your toes” feeling of movement without the 2-HOP shoe inserts in place. Includes replaceable battery.

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"It's amazing how quick and easy the 2-HOP gets players to move better on a tennis court.  As coaches we tell them to stay on their toes and recover after each shot but now with the 2-HOP, we can speak less and teach better, all at the same time."

Joe Dinoffer
Owner and Founder
OnCourt OffCourt, Ltd. 

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