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This set of four sand weights are perfect for securing your target mat on windy days.


- 4 Clips 

- 4 Weights

(Does not include sand.)


Electronic Circle Target Electronic Rectangle Target Scoreboard Circle Target w/ Scoreboard Rectangle Target w/ Scoreboard Target Weights (Set of 4)
8' Circle 13.5' x 3' 25" x 10" x 5" 8' Circle Target plus Scoreboard 13.5' x 3' Rectangle Target plus Scoreboard Includes 4 clips and 4 bags you can fill with sand.
$200 $200 $160 $320 (SAVE $40) $320 (SAVE $40) $29


The Acurasee® System for training tennis players focuses on the single most important aspect of a tennis shot – LOCATION.  While other attributes of a shot – such as speed (pace) and spin are important, where the ball lands on the court is the most important feature of the shot.
Scientific research with the Acurasee® System has empirically demonstrated its effectiveness as a training tool.  Use of the Acurasee® System in controlled research has shown it to be superior to typical training methods in improving the location of shots including:
Depth of all types of ground strokes
Hitting baseline corners
Hitting short angle shots
Down the line shots
Drop shots
The Acurasee® System achieves superior results as a training tool because it maximizes the effectiveness of the three major factors known to enhance the acquisition of psychomotor skills.  These three factors... 1) feedback, 2) motivation and 3) number of practice trials – are heightened whenever the Acurasee® System is employed.

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Acurasee Target Weights
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