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OnCourt OffCourt is proud to partner with Judy Murray and the Miss-Hits program and is the official supplier of the Miss-Hits equipment kits for coaches (and parents!). Each OnCourt OffCourt Miss-Hits kit contains:

9 Chiffon Squares
2 Chinese Jump Ropes
9 Fluff Balls 
1 Clown Horn
100 Balloons
1 Long Jump Rope 
1 Billie the Ball Dog
1 Roll of Caution Tape
9 Foam Balls 
9 Pink Court Lines
9 Cones

The mission of Miss-Hits is to encourage more girls to play tennis. They aim to do this by making the sport more girly, colorful and fun. Therefore, Miss-Hits was born to try and introduce girls who’ve never played tennis before in a non-forceful introductory program where they can learn all the basics. Miss-Hits is being embraced through schools, community halls and sports centers, as well as tennis clubs.

The Miss-Hits program was developed by Judy Murray, the former captain of the Great Britain Fed Cup team, and has been a tennis coach for over 20 years. She’s best known for being the mother of Wimbledon champions Jamie and Andy Murray, but she also holds 64 Scottish titles herself. Plus, she’s internationally recognized as one of the world’s best skill developers in young players. Judy believes there should be more female tennis stars, and so she created Miss-Hits to make the sport more welcoming and exciting for girls aged 5 – 8. As a member of the government’s Women in Sport strategy group, Judy is thrilled that Miss-Hits has increased the number of female coaches.

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