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Finally a product and program that makes the worst part of teaching and playing tennis FUN and now SAFE too!!

Picking up the tennis balls during lessons in between a drill is the only obstacle to learning tennis. With the POP-iTs and The POP-iT Programs, ball pick up becomes a FUN part of the lesson and during these times of CV-19 concern, SAFE! 

The POP-iT, LIL-POP-iT & Pickleball POP-iT

The Standard POP-iTs (Grip Black color) easily fit over the but cap of any adult regulation racquet with a 4-1/2” grip size and up, The LIL-POP-iT (Lime Green color) easily fit over the but cap of youth racquets 21”-26” and up to a 4-1/4” Grip. They are low profile, so they don’t get in the way of any swing or serve, light weight (0.14oz) and stay on during game play. They make terrific visual tools for proper hand placement and pick up USTA Red Felt, Orange felt, Green Dot, and regulation tennis balls. The POP-iTs are great for so many players.

The POP-iT Pickup for your Pickle Ball Paddle. The ergonomically designed but cap attachment point makes if become part of the paddle handle, and part of the grip!

They are great for new tennis players, because it makes picking up the ball effortless, terrific for our senior tennis players, players with limited mobilities, wheelchair tennis players. No longer is the obstacle of ball pick up a hinderance to potential new wheelchair tennis players. Kids love them, because they are fun to use, and teachers love them because they aren’t left after a lesson picking up the balls alone!!

The POP-iT Programs

The 24 games in The POP-IT Program, are designed to be fun, make lesson seamless and continue learning. All games promote maximum participation and work on the number one skill set in tennis, distal eye hand coordination (continue rewiring those neural pathways while picking up the ball!!). The games in the programs also work on footwork, speed, and agility. You can now make ball pick up part of the lesson and a FUN part at that!!.

The POP-iT Play It Safe Program has 6 select games that demonstrate the POP-iT No Touch Technique and limit contact with the tennis balls, keeping teachers and students safe during court clean up and still have fun doing it.

The games in both programs are desigoed for maximum student participation, small lines, and lots of moving. Typically, a class of 10-15 students can clean up a court with 55-70 tennis balls in 30-45 seconds.


POP-iT USTA CV-19 solution Link

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