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A Special Gift of Love!

FREE COPY of "A Father's Love" when you spend $100 or more!

February Special of the Month Deal

Wrist Racquet on Sale in February - was $39 NOW ONLY $29

February Special of the Month

February Special of the Month

How to Use the Wrist for More Power on the Forehand

Challenge: My students are too tight and tense on their strokes, limiting their power and acceleration abilities.

Solution: The Wrist Racquet is designed to give players a feel for that whip-like wrist action to generate the fast racquet speeds needed for powerful groundstrokes and serves.The Wrist Racquet hinge simulates what happens to the wrist on groundstrokes and serves. After a few swings, players gain a feel for the wrist and can integrate that movement much more easily into their own strokes.


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