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There’s a famous story about a study conducted with the NBA’s famous Boston Celtics basketball team. The coach divided the team into two statistically even groups and tested them on foul shots. One group warmed up by shooting foul shots. The other had little to no warm-up or practice shots. Instead, they sat on the sidelines and were taken through visualization exercises to “see” themselves successfully sinking foul shot after foul shot. Swoosh, Swoosh, Swoosh. Who won the competition? You guessed it. The group who sat and visualized. Now, I am not recommending just sitting and not practicing.

However, this story is important to realize the importance of the training aid. It can make a huge difference in your tennis. Your Training Mirror comes fully assembled. Just slide the back support brace into place and CAREFULLY PEEL OFF the protective film on the mirror. Also note that the angle of the mirror is adjustable by depressing the pin in the back brace. And the vertical and horizontal yellow guides can be adjusted in seconds to help create visual checkpoints for any stroke or element of any stroke in the game. 

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