About Us

OnCourt OffCourt is one of the world’s top creative resources for training aids and equipment for tennis, pickleball, fitness, yoga and more. We are a family-owned company and have been serving customers for almost 30 years.  

Our mission: 

  1. To contribute to the lives of athletes and coaches in the sports and wellness industries by providing the most innovative coaching and training aids and equipment in the world alongside first-class customer service.
  2. To form strategic alliances with similar-minded individuals, companies, and organizations through sourcing, manufacturing, and private-labeling products for their customers and communities.
  3. To support non-profit and under-funded grassroots programs and organizations with creative equipment to change lives for the better.
  4. To offer accelerated learning and game changing courses and training for both athletes and coaches.
  5. To help people be happier and healthier both on and off the court through sports and yoga. 
  6. To be exemplary in all aspects of our company by performing with integrity, respect, and gratitude.
  7. To actively pursue to manufacture and package products with the smallest environmental footprint and support sustainability and eco-friendliness at every opportunity.

We have a low price guarantee on all products. Please email us at or call us at 214-823-3078 if the price you see on our website is not the lowest available to you elsewhere.