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OnCourt OffCourt is your go-to destination for premium pickleball balls designed to enhance your game, practice, and play.  

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, our selection of pickleball balls caters to all skill levels and playing environments.


Why Choose Our Pickleball Balls?

  • Durability: Our pickleball balls are built to last, ensuring you get the most out of every game. They withstand the rigors of intense play, whether you're on an indoor court or an outdoor surface.

  • Performance: Experience consistent bounce and flight with our carefully engineered balls. Designed for optimal performance, our pickleball balls help you play your best.

  • Variety: We offer a range of pickleball balls suitable for different playing conditions. From indoor-specific balls to those perfect for outdoor use, you'll find exactly what you need. Plus, we have new quiet balls, regulation-approved pickleball balls that make 50% less noise than the typical variety. 

  • Affordability: High quality doesn't have to mean high prices. Our pickleball balls are competitively priced, making them accessible to players of all levels.


Types of Pickleball Balls

  • Indoor Pickleball Balls: Our indoor pickleball balls are made from soft plastic and designed to offer a consistent bounce on indoor courts. They provide excellent control and precision, ensuring a great game every time.

  • Outdoor Pickleball Balls: Crafted to endure the elements, our outdoor pickleball balls are made from durable materials that resist cracking and deforming. They provide a slightly harder bounce, perfect for outdoor play on any surface.


Top Picks for Pickleball Balls

  1. ONIX Fuse Indoor Pickleballs: Ideal for indoor play, these balls offer superior control and a smooth, consistent bounce. Perfect for practice and competitive matches.

  1. Dura Outdoor Pickleballs: Engineered for outdoor use, these balls are durable and provide reliable performance in various weather conditions. Great for both casual games and tournaments.

  1. PROS’ Pick XLQ Quiet Pickleballs: Versatile, durable, and approved for tournament play, these balls are perfect for play and practice while vastly reducing noise. They offer a balanced performance, making them a favorite among players of all levels.


FAQs about Pickleball Balls

  • What makes indoor and outdoor pickleball balls different?

Indoor balls are generally lighter with smaller holes, providing better control on smooth surfaces. Outdoor balls are heavier with larger holes, designed to handle wind and rougher outdoor surfaces.

  • How often should I replace my pickleball balls?

It depends on your frequency of play and playing conditions. Regular players might need to replace their balls every few months, while occasional players may find theirs lasting longer.

  • Are your pickleball balls approved for tournament play?

Yes, our pickleball balls meet tournament standards. Check the specific product details for official approvals.


At OnCourt OffCourt, we are committed to providing you with the best pickleball balls on the market. Browse our selection and elevate your game today!