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Why training aids and kinesthetic learning?

One of the biggest pitfalls in sports coaching is too much talking! Only a small fraction of people are pure auditory learners. Most, especially those gravitating towards sports, learn better in visual and kinesthetic environments. Sadly, most coaches do not create these optimal learning environments. Kinesthetic learning is especially powerful! It is what gives someone the “feel” for how to execute a particular skill. As coaches and parents, it is our job to bring in kinesthetic resources and tools to help our athletes “get it” and feel it as quickly as possible. As players, you too can take ownership of your improvement and use kinesthetic tools even off the court or on your own to improve. In golf and other sports, kinesthetic learning aids are abundantly popular with vast numbers of golfers using them to practice on their own to speed up their improvement. So why not pickleball? The proof is in the statistics. Numerous studies show that kinesthetic learning speeds up improvement by more than 200%! So we invite you to be a game changer and change the way you coach, the way you parent and the way you play by taking advantage of kinesthetic learning techniques and tools.

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