Product Submissions

We receive dozens of proposals for new products throughout the year and are happy to consider your idea or product for our catalog and website. The PDFs on this webpage contain information designed to educate and guide inventors and manufacturers so the submission process is streamlined for both sides.

If your product is already being produced and we decide to add it to our catalog and website, here are some of the details we need: Our cost, MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price), your commitment to not discount below MSRP, unit box weight and dimensions, master case count plus master case weight and dimensions, and terms for payment. We also need high quality, high resolution photos, and a video clip if available. The easier you make it for us, the more your chances improve for us to carry your product. We are only looking for dependable vendors who communicate well.

When all is said and done, the process of creativity is one of the most satisfying parts of life. Congratulations on your idea. Good luck and thank you for contacting us.

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Please read our New Product Submission policy and then sign and email to:
New Product Submission Information

Please also complete the following Idea / Invention Submission Form and email it to us at New Invention Submission Information.

If you are REALLY committed to learning about taking product ideas to market, the following video segments can SAVE you thousands of dollars. All four parts are from a live workshop presented by Joe Dinoffer at the 2013 PTR International Symposium on Hilton Head Island.