Supporting community tennis and pickleball, one local program at a time!

Save 15% on over 300 products for your local tennis or pickleball program! *

OnCourt OffCourt is proud to support community tennis and pickleball, one local program at a time! Our products can help players of all ages be well-equipped to improve their skills in tennis or pickleball and thus enjoy the game more. Contact us today by calling us at 888-366-4711 or emailing for more information and to see if your program qualifies for these special discounts.

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How to use a Grassroots discount account

  • Call us at 888-366-4711 Monday through Friday between 9am and 3pm CST to place your order over the phone with one of our customer service representatives.
  • You may also email to set up your online Grassroots account to be able to order on our website directly and access your discount.
  • Once your account is set up, login to your account on our website Add products to your cart and your Grassroots discount will be applied to eligible products. *
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* The Grassroots discount is not available on all products. Due to tight margins, we offer 5% off ball machines and windscreens as well as other products we don’t manufacture with a low-price guarantee. We offer free shipping on ball machines over $350 in the contiguous U.S., a real savings of close to 12%!

Do you qualify?

School Teams All equipment used to promote the growth of tennis and pickleball in physical education curriculums at elementary through high school or after school programs, i.e. school tennis or pickleball clubs or intramurals. Sorry, the Grassroots discount does not include regular high school tennis or pickleball programs, but does include “Grow the Game” tennis or pickleball activities that go “over and above” the basics.
Pickleball Ambassadors USA Pickleball Ambassadors qualify for our Grassroots program in any efforts or programs designed to grow the game of pickleball.
Community-Based Programs All equipment used for Inner City, NJTL, or “Grow the Game” Parks Programs. These programs are often organized through the local USTA Community Tennis Associations.
Regional Training Centers Competitive juniors often need help with equipment and budgets. Therefore, we are expanding our Grassroots discount program to include dozens of USTA Training Centers.
Special Needs Programs All equipment used to promote tennis or pickleball participation to any segment of the special needs population, i.e. volunteer or low-cost wheelchair tennis or pickleball, or to bring affordable tennis or pickleball to retirement homes.