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We took the guesswork out of choosing the right training aids and saved you money on top! Perfect for players and coaches alike, with our new Groundstroke Package, you'll be getting five of our best-selling training aids to help you or your students improve your groundstrokes. 

Click the product link to learn more about each individual training tool in the package. 

Spin Doctor: This is a must have tool for learning topspin and will instantly give you that "feel" for brushing up the ball. Coaches, use our Spin Doctor in your lessons to teach topspin quickly and easily using scientifically proven kinesthetic learning techniques.

Contact Doctor: Quickly gain a feel for finding that ideal point of contact on your groundstrokes. 

Snap Racquet: Learn to accelerate like the top pros in the world!

Whip Strips Gain a recognizable and quickly transferable feel for improved racquet head acceleration and a more correct whippy motion (i.e. more swing speed). 

Magnet MasterThe Magnet Master uses a powerful magnet to help players “feel” and therefore more easily coordinate the timing of how they use their non-racquet hand.

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Groundstroke Package
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