Infinity Play System with the Multi-Twist Mini Ball Machine

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OnCourt OffCourt’s patent-pending Infinity Play System with Multi-Twist Mini Ball Machine provides endless practice, just about anywhere.

This self-feeding system continually shoots regular tennis balls, red, orange and green transition balls, and pickleballs for the player to hit into a net which feeds back into the ball machine. Perfect for players, parents, and coaches!

The Multi-Twist Mini Ball Machine is removable and also works great on its own separate from the Infinity Play System Retrieval Net.


  • Play for Infinity: The Infinity Play System allows tennis and pickleball players to practice for as long as they want! Every shot you take feeds back to the Infinity Play System Retrieval Net attached to the battery-powered ball machine for endless practice.
  • One of a Kind: The Infinity Play System is the only tennis and pickleball ball retrieval system with a removable dual-function ball machine that you can also take on the court and use by itself without the Infinity Play System Retrieval Net.
  • Play Anywhere: All you need is a flat surface, and you can turn it into your own mini-tennis or pickleball practice. Tennis and pickleball coaches, players, and clubs love how easy it is to set up in your garage, driveway, patio, basement, and more!
  • Dynamic Variety: Has five adjustable settings and holds up to 15 tennis or pickleballs - including transition balls!
  • Great for Kids: Safe, fun, and easy to use, kids love how simple it is to get hours and hours of play.
  • Great for serve practice too: Use the Infinity Play System Retrieval Net by itself for serve practice for tennis and pickleball by simply replacing the machine temporarily with an empty box or bucket to catch the balls so that you can practice your serves without having to pick up balls! In this usage the ball machine will not shoot balls at you but rather the net will serve to catch your balls while you practice your serve, functioning as an automatic ball collection device dropping the balls into the box or bucket you place beneath the hole at the bottom of the net.

Dimensions: When fully set up, the Infinity Play System measures 7ft 9in wide, 7ft tall, and 4 1/2ft in depth.

Please note that the Retrieval Net ONLY does not include the Multi-Twist Mini Ball Machine. If you'd like to purchase the Multi-Twist Mini Ball Machine separately, please click here.

Care Suggestion: Our Rebounders are designed for either indoor or outdoor use. However, please do not leave this product outside for extended periods. We suggest that you store your system indoors and not expose to wet or extreme outside elements. Although most Rebounder systems are rust resistant, they are not rust proof. We highly recommend storing this entire system indoors including: the net, and all poles AFTER EACH USE. We cannot warranty products that are left outside for extended periods.

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