Quick Start 36 - Youth Red Felt Tennis Balls - with Slogans

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Youth Tennis Ball Guide…

Instructions & Resources


Challenge:  I want to teach my young kids sportsmanship and life lessons on the court while keeping it fun at the same time.

Solution:  Our Quick Start 36 Red Balls with Slogans have motivating messages printed on them such as “Attitude is everything” or “Bounce a little, Laugh a lot”. They not only make learning tennis skills fun but also teach young kids life lessons at the same time.

Quick Start 36 Red Felt tennis balls are 15% larger than standard tennis balls. This increases the success rate for beginning children in beginner or 10 and Under Tennis programs. They are specifically designed and tested for 36-foot USTA recommended courts.  Quick Start 36 Red Felt Balls with Slogans are available in both 24-ball bucket and 48-ball bucket sizes. Select your quantity in the drop down above. The color-coded buckets offer convenient and separate storage.  Unique hinged bucket design facilitates ball access and storage. The buckets can also be used as targets!

Slogans on the 24-ball bucket include:

tennis star (in training)
attitude is everything
grip light swing right
bounce a little laugh a lot
low to high watch it fly
smile when you swing
play fair show you care
bend knees finish & freeze
tennis starts with love
win or lose it’s just a game
nets are walls hit over them
have fun play tennis 

Slogans on the 48-ball bucket include:


For anyone not familiar with transition balls (tennis balls that slow the game down for beginners of all ages), here is a general guide to help choose the low-compression transition ball appropriate for each player and situation. Keep in mind that these balls are not just for children, but can also speed up improvement in adult beginners as well since the balls slow down the “action” giving players more time to prepare their racquet and move to each ball.

These “low-compression” balls are less pressurized and do not bounce as fast or as high as regular yellow tennis balls. 

  • Red ball—slowest speed, slightly larger than standard tennis balls, lowest bounce
  • Orange ball—medium speed, same size as standard tennis balls, somewhat reduced bounce
  • Green ball—faster speed, same size as standard tennis balls, slightly reduced bounce
  • Yellow (standard) ball—regular speed and bounce

“I was curious to find out what my students’ parents thought about Oncourt Offcourt’s red slogan balls when I was told the following amazing story. The family of one of my students went to a Spurs game and well ... the Spurs lost. On the car ride home the parents were saying how upset and disappointed they were because the Spurs had played so badly and lost. Their 5-year-old daughter Lillian spoke up from the back seat of the car, ‘It doesn't matter if you win or lose, it’s just a game!’ Wow! She got it and understood it!”
-Karen Mannheimer Director of Tennis at The Tennis Park


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Quick Start 36 - Youth Red Felt Tennis Balls - with Slogans
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