Quick Start Whistler Junior Rackets

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Finally, a beginning junior and recreational adult racket that actually helps players improve automatically! We see it every day. Beginning players tighten and shorten their strokes to keep the ball in play. Unfortunately, this tight and short swing style sets them up to struggle with improvement. And, ability stagnation is one of the main reasons players quit playing tennis.

Everyone wants to improve! When players stop improving, they lose interest in playing. The innovative Oncourt Offcourt Whistler Rackets guide players to swing more relaxed, more fluid, and more smooth. Whistler Rackets and Whistler Vibration Dampeners (available separately) help players improve. It's a simple formula for success. Grip Light + Swing Right = Whistle!

1. Includes $8 whistling vibration dampener; built-in formula for success

2. Larger sweet spot due to unique string tension approach

3. Color-coordinated to match Quick Start 3and Play & Stay levels

4. Highest-quality cushioned grip of any junior racket in the world

5. Length specified on strings and butt cap

19”: 80 sq. in head size, 3 ½ in grip size
21”: 80 sq. in head size, 3 ½ in grip size
23”: 90 sq. in head size, 3 ½ in grip size
25”: 90 sq. in head size, 3 ½ in grip size
27”: 105 sq. in head size, 4 1/8 in grip size

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Quick Start Whistler Junior Rackets
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