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Instructions & Resources


Challenge: My students have trouble controlling their toss.

SolutionThe Toss Trainer is the first training aid to help players use a target to improve tossing accuracy and consistency for the serve.  The height is fully adjustable, as the 3-section aluminum telescopic pole extends up to 7 feet in length. Easy to assemble. Simple to use for any coach or partner. Just hold the Toss Trainer to help players visualize and gain a feel where to toss the ball. It is important for the coach or partner to move the Toss Trainer away from the server once the ball is tossed in the air. This will allow the server to swing freely and practice their toss and serve at the same time. Can also be used as a target system above the net. 

NOTE: Due to temperature changes, sometimes the hose will not fit firmly enough in the plastic fitting in order to stay firmly in place.  If you have this problem, there is an easy solution.  Just put some electrical or duct tape around the end of the hose to create a tighter fit.  When properly done, you should not see the tape when the product is fully assembled. 


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