What type of equipment would you recommend for me to use with my children in our driveway?

The basics are balls, nets, and racquets. For balls, you will definitely want to slow things down to achieve more success with our new Quick Start pressureless balls. We have three different speed balls: Green and Orange level balls, which are the same size as regular tennis balls, and red level balls which are 15% larger and bounce slightly slower. For beginners we also have the new QuickStart foam balls.

For nets, our 10-foot Mini-Net should be the answer. Another less expensive option is to get a roll of Tennis Caution Tape and tie it between two trees or chairs. Your choice of racquets depends largely on the age of the child. Take a close look at our Hand Racquets since they are the easiest-to-use beginner racquet available. For regular junior racquets, please check out our junior racquets.

What is the best DVD download for a beginning adult players?

There are two DVD downloads we recommend. First is Joe Dinoffer’s “Fast Lane Tennis.” Here’s why: Tennis is a complex sport. Most people learn faster visually. Therefore, a highly visual instructional DVD with simple, common-sense checkpoints for each stroke is ideal. Customers tell us that "Fast Lane Tennis" is the most comprehensive yet concise instructional DVD download available, full of concepts to help speed up learning, eliminating much of the frustration that many experience in taking up tennis. The series consists of 10 shows featured on The Tennis Channel. And, although Joe’s daughter Kalindi is featured on the series, beginning through intermediate players of all levels will benefit equally from the dozens of quick tips and drills. The second DVD we recommend is the series of 3 DVD downloads called “200 Secrets to Great Tennis” which takes each stroke and situation in tennis and identifies the aspects that challenge players alongside tips on how to solve those problems.

What DVD download would be good for someone coaching kids?

A combination of Joe Dinoffer’s “Fast Lane Tennis” and his “Creative Tennis" series is recommended. “Fast Lane Tennis” is explained above in detail. "Creative Tennis" consists of 6 extended programs that offer guidance for coaches of all levels of experience and instructional expertise. The concepts shared in this series also apply to adults as well as children.

What products would be good for someone coaching kids?

Of course, this is a very broad question. In general, parents and coaches should use transition equipment as described in the Youth Tennis section of our website. You will also get a lot of ideas from the DVD downloads by Joe Dinoffer, especially “Fast Lane Tennis.” For equipment, check out our “Kids Section” as well, and specifically (for younger children 3-7 years old) look at our Hand Racquets, Quick Start Foam balls, and SuperTee. You might also want to check out our affordable Tennis Twist ball machine. The main concept to remember is to make learning fun and use whatever tools you can to help beginning children succeed. Know that, if they succeed, they will keep coming back for more.

What is the best racquet for a child?

Your choice of racquets depends largely on the age of the child. You may want to start the youngest with our Quick Starter Velcro racquets which even two- or three-year-olds will find success using. Take a close look at our Hand Racquets since they are the easiest-to-use beginner racquet available. Aside from Hand Racquets, after youngsters get an initial feel for contact with the ball, Lollipop Paddles offer a brightly colored and fun option. And of course, we also offer a full line of junior racquets as well.

I want to improve my (backhand, serve, return, whatever). What do you recommend?

Tennis consists of so many specific shots and each of these shots consists of many parts that can cause headaches. One of our missions at OnCourt OffCourt is to cure as many headaches as possible as quickly and painlessly as possible. First, take a look at our 3-volume DVD download series “200 Secrets to Great Tennis.” Next, check out our “Training Aids” section for fixes to more tennis stroke problems than you ever thought you might encounter.  Finally, take a look at our Quick Fix Guide for recommendations to solve specific problems encountered by players of all levels.

What kind of tennis balls do you carry?

We carry a full line of Quick Start Tennis balls which you can check out here

I want to buy a ball machine. Where do I start?

We have done extensive research into the best quality ball machines in the world and are proud to offer them to our customers. We have a low price guarantee and our page on ball machines should systematically answer all your questions. But, feel free to call our office so our trained staff can help you select the machine that is best suited to your specific needs. You can also complete our ball machine finder assessment here:

What size medicine ball should I get?

This depends on two factors. First, are you throwing and catching the medicine ball (dynamic exercises), or are you using it more statically? For throwing and catching drills you will want medicine balls that are lighter in weight. Here is a general guideline: Up to 12 years old, have children use their own body weight or the lightest 2-kilogram medicine balls. A girl through high school will generally stay with a ball no heavier than 3 kilograms. Boys may go to 4 kilograms. Past high school depends on the size and strength of each athlete. Keep in mind that each kilogram converts to 2.2 pounds.

How can I find what I am looking for?

Every page of our website contains a key word search engine. Just type in a word that describes what you are looking for and you’ll find it quickly.

Once I place an order, how long before it will be delivered to me?

We ship UPS ground unless specified otherwise. Generally, all items in our catalog are in stock in one of our warehouses and are shipped within 2 business days. Check with your customer service representative for an approximate delivery date for your order.

What are my shipping charges?

The website calculates UPS Ground shipping within the 48 contiguous United States according to the following rates: For orders up to $70.00 add $9.00; $71.00-$499.00 add 12%; $500.00-$999.00 add 10%; above $1,000.00 add 8%. UPS rates to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and Puerto Rico are also calculated by the website as multiples of the the above. Other international customers please check our international distributors list or contact us for assistance. NOTE: Shipping charges are calculated on the RETAIL price before any discounts. (Some products may also have an additional overweight/oversize charge and are noted with this information on specific product pages and in our catalog.)

Please allow up to 2 business days to process your online order. Should you require your order by a certain date, please call our office toll free at 1-888-366-4711.

Can I contact you with questions about my order?

Just call 1-88-TENNIS-11 (1-888-366-4711) or 214-823-3078, or e-mail us. It is our pleasure to help you.

How do I return merchandise?

Merchandise can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of the date of purchase. Note that a 15% restocking fee may apply, as long as it is in resalable (new) condition. However, to receive credit, you must contact our offices to receive a “Return Authorization Number” before shipping any product back to us.

What are your product warranties?

Unless otherwise specified, all our products come with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.