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Too many players incorrectly hit forehand groundstrokes with an isolated arm motion and their shoulder as the center of rotation. Through scientific studies, we now understand that the entire body must efficiently work as a unit to hit an optimal forehand, a stroke with maximum power and control, yet without excessive effort. Along with ground forces (bending in the knees), body rotation is a very important key to a better forehand. The Forehand Fixer guides beginners to “feel” the correct biomechanics, right from the start. Intermediates looking to improve will always gain a faster “feel” for the correct swing as well. Simply place the Velcro around both wrists with the logo pointing upwards when your palms point down. Hit balls softly at first to feel how both arms should work together and the body should rotate or coil in preparation for the shot and uncoil afterwards. The Velcro should not be pulled apart during your swing. After a few shots with the Forehand Fixer in place, try hitting without it and make sure your corrected swing pattern is maintained. If not, repeat the process.

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