HEAD Extreme Elite 2-Paddle Bundle

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The HEAD Extreme Elite 2 Paddle Bundle is a great purchase for players who want paddles with solid reach and speed. It comes with 2 Extreme Elite composite paddles, 3 Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleballs, and a "Game On" Sling Bag to carry it all. The Extreme Elite Paddles from HEAD Pickleball are a lengthy 16" in total, giving players impressive extension and court coverage. They also have tapered edges which help reduce unneeded surface area so you can quickly maneuver, and get to more low balls without scraping the top corners of your paddle on the court surface.

The Extreme Elite 2 Paddle Bundle includes a 3-pack of yellow Penn 40 Pickleballs which are USA Pickleball-approved but have a softer touch than typical tournament-ready options. They tend to produce little vibration on contact and have a nice amount of bounce and durability. The Sling Bag has a red and black design with multiple compartments for stashing your equipment.

The HEAD Extreme Elite 2 Paddle Bundle will let you traverse the court and control your shots thanks to these paddles' sleek design.

Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8".

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HEAD Extreme Elite 2-Paddle Bundle
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