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Now you can play tennis anywhere! Use your driveway, basement, gameroom, patio, or even cul-de-sac. The 10-foot Mini-Net sets up in seconds. It is also adjustable in height up to 52 inches for recreational badminton or beachball volleyball with kids as young as 3 years old! Hand Racquets are a perfect beginning racquet for young and older players alike as the dense foam is safe to use and the playing hand simply slides inside the Hand Racquet for easier use than regular racquets. The softball-size Quick Start 36 Foam Balls are high-quality and bounce like normal tennis balls except at less than half the speed to allow everyone to play with success from the first few hits. 

Set includes:

1 Mini-Net

1 set of 2 Hand Racquets

1 set of 6 Quick Start 36 Foam Balls


For badminton lovers, the Mini-Net is perfect for home, school, and club use!

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Home Tennis Starter Kit
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