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MultiCourt Barrier System

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Our MultiCourt Barrier System creates temporary and portable containment fences around pickleball courts to keep balls in bounds. This system can also be used for multiple sports and to guide traffic flow at events.


1) Easy-to-assemble, weather-resistant, adjustable barrier system for pickleball, other sports, and events.
2) Create temporary and portable containment fences for one court, two courts or a whole tournament’s worth of courts.
3) Durable metal poles slide into netting with heavy-duty bases to configure for multiple layouts.
4) MultiCourt Barriers are 34 inches high and 8 feet long. Use as ball containment barriers as well as for portable practice nets for small areas.
5) Tournament sponsor banners can be hung or draped over the top of the barriers as desired.

The single court package assembles to 60 feet by 40 feet, suitable for a regulation pickleball court measuring 44 feet by 20 feet, using 7 barriers along the length (the 60-foot side) and 5 barriers along the width (the 40-foot side) with a 4-foot opening for players to enter and exit along each long side.


1) Our 3 packages (1 pickleball court, 2 courts side-by-side, and each additional court) are for pickleball courts laid out side-by-side.
2) For larger custom packages or configurations you may need, please email or call our office at 214-823-3078.
3) For large tournament configurations requiring a minimum of 1000 barriers, please also contact our office for Factory Direct pricing. The units can also be custom printed.
4) MultiCourt Barrier Systems are weather-resistant but not weather-proof. We do not recommend leaving them outside for extended periods of time.

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