NeuroMuscular Balancing Training (Video Download)

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Instructions & Resources


NeuroMuscular Balancing Video Download

Unlock the secrets to optimal performance, pain relief, and lifelong wellness with our exclusive NeuroMuscular Balancing Video Download, led by renowned instructor Josh Warren, M.S., LMT, PTR.


About the Training

With a run time of 73 minutes, this comprehensive training is designed to bring your body toward balance by releasing, shortening, and lengthening appropriate muscle groups. Learn how to “slacken” tight muscles in minutes, even if they've been tense for years.


What's Included

Intro: Rewire your understanding of stretching, strengthening, and releasing muscles.

NeuroMuscular Balancing Yoga Class: A gentle yoga session based on NeuroMuscular Balancing principles.

Integrating NeuroMuscular Balancing: Practical techniques for everyday and lifelong wellness.

Bonus Material:

  • Mindful Walking Meditation: Enhance your awareness and focus.

  • Obstacle Course Exercise: Improve agility and coordination.

  • Interview with Josh Warren: Gain insights from the expert himself.


Who Can Benefit

This training has something for everyone! No matter your level of physical fitness, you can find pain relief, improve performance, and be more resistant to future injuries. 


About Josh Warren, M.S.

Josh Warren holds a Master's Degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Sport Psychology. After living with chronic low back pain for over seven years and trying numerous therapies without success, Josh discovered a transformative approach to bringing the body into alignment. Now pain-free, he is passionate about sharing his firsthand experience and knowledge to help others achieve similar results.


Download the NeuroMuscular Balancing Video today and take your wellness journey to the next level with proven techniques and expert guidance.

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NeuroMuscular Balancing Training (Video Download)
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