Pickleball Knockdown Targets (Set of 2)

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Enhance Your Game and Have More Fun with the Pickleball Knockdown Targets

With the Pickleball Knockdown Targets, you get the best of both worlds: non-stop fun for friends and family and an excellent pickleball training aid for coaches, lessons, and solo practice. 

Designed for hours of gameplay - these 36” tall targets are durable, engaging, and effective, making them the ultimate addition to your pickleball experience. 


Why Choose Our Pickleball Knockdown Targets?

Makes Learning Fun - the pickleball knockdown target isn’t just a fun pickleball accessory; it’s also a competitive pickleball aid. The vibrant cartoon pickle graphic doesn’t just keep players engaged and having fun; it also provides a crystal-clear target that’s proven to improve accuracy 

Durable and Resilient - crafted to withstand thousands of hits, the water-weighted base ensures the pickleball knockdown targets always come right back after each and every hit, providing non-stop fun and action. 

Extra Protection - accidental punctures are rare, but we come prepared. Each order comes with a handy patch kit to quickly address any unexpected issues so you can get back to the fun. 

Perfect For Everyone - whether you want to have some fun with friends and family, practice by yourself, or bring your students something new, the pickleball knockdown target is the ultimate pickleball game enhancer. 


How to Use Pickleball Knockdown Targets

Step One

Fill the bottom water-weighted base with water - this added weight keeps the targets standing tall each time they’re knocked down. 

Step Two

Fill the top section with air - make sure you don’t over-inflate. Avoid sharp objects or anything that might puncture the material. 

Step Three

Position your target strategically on the court - give enough room for the target to get knocked down and pop back up. 

Step Four

Maximize your fun on the court and improve your accuracy by adding the knockdown targets to your favorite drills and lessons. 


Don’t miss out on the fun – order your set of two Pickleball Knockdown Targets today!

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Pickleball Knockdown Targets (Set of 2)
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