Poems from the Heart: A Father's Love

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Every parent believes “their” child is very special – and they are right! Whether you believe it’s part of our God-given sense of being or a Darwinian trick to continue the species doesn’t matter. Otherwise, how many would take pleasure in changing diapers and soothing teething babies. This beautifully illustrated book of poems is specifically about the author’s sense of “Daddy” with his own daughter. However, it is probable that hundreds of millions of other fathers have experienced similar feelings towards their own daughters. Such is the nature of life.

The touching poems in this illustrated book describe snapshots of the “Daddy” emotions experienced during his daughter’s first 25 years on this wondrous planet. Some are funny, some are happy, and some are sad. Life spares no family the challenges we must all face sooner or later. It is hoped that these poems strike a chord in the hearts of other fathers and the daughters they adore.

About the author: Joseph Dinoffer is best known for his innovative contributions in the tennis and pickleball industries, but perhaps his most creative interests include being a recorded percussionist and writing poetry.

This book is the first of a series of poetry books entitled “Poems from the Heart” and shares the heartfelt connection of a father with his daughter. Future volumes will touch on topics of life, love, and philosophy.

“Joe” (as he is known in the tennis industry) is a former professional tennis player and coach, having travelled to over 50 countries to conduct hundreds of coaching workshops with a primary emphasis on self-esteem building for children through accelerated learning in sports.

He has been awarded several national awards and is the author of eight books and more than 20 DVDs. He has also published several hundred articles in national magazines and presented numerous instructional television tips on the Tennis Channel. In 1994, “Joe” founded OnCourt OffCourt, Ltd., a company dedicated to serving the needs of tennis, fitness, pickleball, and physical education specialists with innovative training aids and educational tools. Today, he has designed and manufactured more than 150 creative products being distributed and used in 100 countries worldwide. 

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“You've created some deeply personal and powerful images in your poems -- views on the human experience that have a lot of staying power. I really liked the Intro to A Father's Love with the 'Happy Home' and the 'Sad Home' -- would have been good to have this at the ready when we were raising our boys.”
Gerry N.

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Poems from the Heart: A Father's Love
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