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Power Tennis covers 8 keys to racquet head speed. These keys are ingredients needed to develop a more powerful and effective tennis game, whether you are a player or a coach! Learn about the dwell time of a ball on the strings, how to convert racquet head speed to ball speed, and much, much more.

Key #1: Racquet head speed and ball speed

Key #2: The hinges of the body

Key #3: Ball dwell time and wristy shots

Key #4: Grip tension – light is right!

Key #5: Serve – swing length and power sources

Key #6: The two-handed backhand – girls versus boys

Key #7: Volley – why it is different

Key #8: Squash shot – using the wrist on defense


“For years here in the United States, tennis enthusiasts have been complaining  about the lack of U.S. players at the top  of the world rankings compared to many countries in Europe and South America, places with far fewer resources and smaller populations to draw from. This DVD reveals many of the secrets that have catapulted many of theses countries to the top tiers of professional tennis."

Joe Dinoffer
Owner and Founder
OnCourt OffCourt, Ltd. 

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Power Tennis
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