"Quick Start 60" Two-Tone Orange Felt Balls

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Oncourt Offcourt was the first tennis ball manufacturer to offer Quick Start 60 Balls and Quick Start 78 Balls numbered in cans like regular balls. Why? If we treat young children like young adults, they will respond with more maturity and respect towards everyone around them. So, we made our orange-level and green-level transition balls with that in mind.

  • 3 balls in a can just like regular tennis balls
  • High-quality, durable acrylic felt
  • Balls are numbered like regular tennis balls to help children get used to taking responsibility for their own balls right from the start.

Select quantity above: 1 can, 3 cans or a case of 24 cans for a larger quantity discount.

For anyone not familiar with transition balls (tennis balls that slow the game down for beginners of all ages), here is a general guide to help choose the low-compression transition ball appropriate for each player and situation. Keep in mind that these balls are not just for children, but can also speed up improvement in adult beginners as well since the balls slow down the “action” giving players more time to prepare their racquet and move to each ball.

These “low-compression” balls are less pressurized and do not bounce as fast or as high as regular yellow tennis balls. 

  • Red ball—slowest speed, slightly larger than standard tennis balls, lowest bounce
  • Orange ball—medium speed, same size as standard tennis balls, somewhat reduced bounce
  • Green ball—faster speed, same size as standard tennis balls, slightly reduced bounce
  • Yellow (standard) ball—regular speed and bounce



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"Quick Start 60" Two-Tone Orange Felt Balls
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