Quick Start 60 - Youth Orange Felt Balls in Cans

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Quick Start 60 youth tennis balls are low compression balls ideal for 9-11 year old's, seniors and adults with limited mobility. People even love them for their dogs because of their long lasting durability!

  • 3 balls in a can just like regular tennis balls
  • High-quality, durable and long-lasting acrylic felt
  • Orange level balls bounce at 50% the speed of regular balls
  • Orange and yellow two-toned felt allows players to easily track spin
  • Balls are numbered 1,2,3 for tournament play
  • OnCourt OffCourt Quick Start balls are the original 60-foot court balls produced in cans for longer lasting pressure
  • USTA approved for 60' courts and 10 and Under Tennis Programs

Select quantity above: 1 can, 3 cans or a case of 24 cans for a larger quantity discount.

Quick Start transition balls help slow the game of tennis down for beginners, giving players more time to prepare their racquet and move to each ball. With a lower compression, the balls don't bounce as high, keeping them within a younger players strike zone, creating more chances to make contact with the ball.

Choose from the following USTA transition ball levels:

  • Red ball—slowest speed, slightly larger than standard tennis balls, lowest bounce
  • Orange ball—medium speed, same size as standard tennis balls, somewhat reduced bounce
  • Green ball—faster speed, same size as standard tennis balls, slightly reduced bounce
  • Yellow (standard) ball—regular speed and bounce



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Quick Start 60 - Youth Orange Felt Balls in Cans
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