Slinger Pickleball Ball Machine Slam Pack

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Slinger Bag Pickleball has been designed and engineered with the specific needs of Pickleball players in mind. Slinger Bag Pickleball is lightweight, portable, highly versatile and affordable pickleball ball machine. Aimed at all levels of Pickleball players, Slinger Bag Pickleball holds up to 120 Pickleballs and allows users to control the speed, feed, elevation and spin, facilitating a wide variety of play, practices and workouts. Simply wheel your Slinger Bag Pickleball to the court and set it up in just a minute. Slinger Bag Pickleball allows you to get out on court to play at any time and almost anywhere without the need of a playing partner!

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  • Slinger Launcher
  • Oscillator
  • Remote Control
  • Charger
  • 60 pickleballs


·    Slinger Bag weighs 42lbs/19kg

·    Dimensions: 14" x 18" x 34" (35.6cm x 45.7cm x 86.4cm)

·    Launch speed varies from 10-45 mph (16-73 km/h) *The type of Pickleball used will also affect speed and spin.

·    Powerful Lithium Ion battery lasts up to 3 hours

·    Easy on/off control for both the Slinger Bag and Slinger Oscillator with the convenient remote control

·    Launcher is equipped with an Elevation Knob, easily adjusting the elevation between 10 and 40 degrees

·    Launcher has a variable ball feed frequency between 2 and 7 seconds. Giving the player the ability to run a variety of drills.


·    1 year product warranty from date of purchase.

·    See warranty details at

·    Warranty covers normal use, use of pickleballs only, all parts and the trolley bag.


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Slinger Pickleball Ball Machine Slam Pack
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