Tenn Tube 20-Ball Tennis Ball Pickup

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Tenn Tube is the Original Patented Tennis Ball Pickup Tube. Known as “The Perfect Pickup” because it makes picking up balls fun and easy
  • Holds 20 balls
  • Comes in 3 bright colors as well as clear for transparent ball pick up
  • Press the tube over a ball and it sucks it up into the tube. Turn it over to dump out the balls easily into a tennis hopper or cart.
  • Made of durable, lightweight plastic making it easy to carry for players of all ages. Elastic band secures the balls on the top for transport or lying flat.
  • Patented fence/tennis cart hook on end of tube
  • Heavy-gauge rubber end caps that won't crack
  • Choose from 1 Tenn Tube or a set of 4

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Tenn Tube 20-Ball Tennis Ball Pickup
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