The Pickle Two by Lobster with 10 - function remote- 25 FREE Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleballs with Purchase

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The pickle two by Lobster, improves on our original pickleball machine to surpass all other machines available. We’ve expanded the random oscillation found on the pickle to include 2-line oscillation. With the 2-line feature, the ball is delivered to two alternating pre-set spots on the court, throwing one ball to the forehand side followed by one ball to the backhand side. This is great for singles or doubles training.

We’ve also upgraded the elevation from manual to electronic for simpler and speedier angle adjustments. A larger battery than the standard model lets you stay on the court longer, running 6 to 8 hours per charge.

The pickle two machine throws balls up to 60 mph and offers both heavy top and backspin allowing you to master all the essential shots like the dink, drive, lob, and groundstrokes. The hopper holds an impressive 135 pickleballs and works with indoor and outdoor balls.

Based on the same sleek design of our tennis ball machines, the pickle two features an inverting hopper, folding handle, and large 8-inch wheels, making it easy to get the 42 pound machine in and out of your car, over curbs, and across any surface to the court.

The pickle two by Lobster is made in the USA and is covered by our 2 year warranty.

We offer ALL features on machines! Please give us a call at 888-366-4711 if you don't see what you need. 
Oscillation: random horizontal, 2-line
Speed: 10 to 60 mph
Feed rate: 2-12 seconds
Spin: top, back
Elevation: electronic, 0-50 degrees
Ball capacity: 135
Power Battery 
Court time: 6-8 hours (internal battery)
Standard charger: included
Weight: 42 lbs. (internal battery)
Warranty: 2 years

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The Pickle Two by Lobster with 10 - function remote- 25 FREE Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleballs with Purchase
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