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Therabody Theragun Pro

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Please call our office to order: 1-888-366-4711 or 1-214-823-3078


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The Theragun Pro is the most powerful commercial-grade percussive therapy device with the features pros know and trust. Therbody’s top-of-the-line deep muscle treatment is more personalized than ever thanks to guided app experiences, which help reduce muscle soreness, improve mobility, and increase relaxation. The Theragun Pro has continuous battery life, a rotating arm, and an industry-leading 2-year warranty, making it the most advanced recovery tool of choice for professional athletes and everyday people.

The Pro’s technology includes QuietForce for quiet therapy; Bluetooth smart percussive therapy through connection to the Therabody app for guided routines; 16mm amplitude massage capabilities for deeper muscle massaging; customizable massage speed that ranges from 1750-2400 PPMs; 60lbs of no-stall force delivery; an adjustable, triangle ergonomic arm for easy, full-body reach; an LED screen; wireless charging; and two swappable lithium-ion batteries with 150 minutes of runtime each.


    • 6 easy-to-clean closed-cell foam attachments
      • Dampener — Recommended for tender and bony areas
      • Standard ball — Good for overall use on large and small muscle groups
      • Cone — Used mostly for pinpointed muscle treatment including the hands and feet
      • Thumb — Recommended for trigger points and the lower back
      • Wedge — Ideal for shoulder blades, IT bands, and scraping to decrease lactic acid
      • Supersoft — Meant for vibration therapy on sensitive and bony areas
    • Hard case
    • Lithium-ion battery charger
    • 2 year warranty

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