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The OnCourt OffCourt Angle Doctor works for tennis and pickleball and guides players to feel the correct angle between the racquet or paddle and the hitting arm, and is fully adjustable for players of all sizes.  The Angle Doctor immediately fixes many common problems including volleyers who drop their racquet head.  

It also helps players lengthen through contact on groundstrokes. 

As with all kinesthetic training aids, use the Angle Doctor for a few hits; then remove it and try to maintain the same racquet angle and feel.  Occasionally a player will succeed immediately, but it is quite normal to need several practice sequences both with and without the Angle Doctor.

To use, simply wrap the arm band around your arm, just above the elbow, with the "D" ring on top of the bicep.  Secure the thin Velcro strap to your racquet or paddle as shown.  Since the strap is adjustable on both ends, once you find the best position for a slice groundstroke or volley, you can keep that position.  For topspin groundstrokes you will have to lengthen the strap so the arm is in a more extended position. 

Watch the video clip by clicking the watch button above to see the Angle Doctor in action! 

Special thanks to Coach Me Pickleball for the angle doctor Pickleball video check them out here

"For players who chop down on their volleys and slice backhands or who need a better feel for extending through contact on topspin groundstrokes, the Angle Doctor is a great training aid." 

Joe Dinoffer
Owner and Founder
OnCourt OffCourt, Ltd. 

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