Billie Jean King's Eye Coach

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For the Pickleball Eye Coach, Click Here 

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At Home
Tennis Training System

Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach is the only revolutionary device that
retrains the brain to consistently hit the Sweet Spot. 

The Eye Coach simulates an actual game with 17 different shots,
including top spin and underspin and helps to develop elite ball striking skills.


Hitting the Sweet Spot Matters



Missing the Sweet Spot is the number one cause for mishits, and unforced errors.
The average player hits the Sweet Spot only 10% of the time.
90% of the time they create a greater risk of making errors.

We guarantee that you will improve Sweet Spot Hits by 40% with only 5 minutes a day.


Achieve faster improvement
using your own preferred system of coaching



Price includes a complimentary training video OR a live online training session with one of our Point of Contact professionals. The training video below shows the best drills you can use to coach 1-6 students per device, 50% more balls hit correctly in less time, no ball pick up time wasted, practice at home what they learned in the lesson at home on their own machine.


Please call Peter Schmitt at 843-810-0986 for a complimentary live online training session.

Available in 2 sizes:

  • Eye Coach Professional - height adjustable between 32 and 39 inches. The Eye Coach Pro now has increased weight and a POWER DISC that further simulates the eye skills needed to scan, track and focus correctly at contact. The new crossbar arrows will benefit the player by helping them position their feet for maximum balance and power at contact.
  • Eye Coach Jr. for children under 4'2" feet tall - height adjustable between 28.5" and 30.5"
  • Replacement arm flexor and replacement ball also available in the links below. The replacement arm flexor comes with the spring and a ball, so no need to buy a separate replacement ball with the arm flexor. Please note that you will need to pick the proper replacement arm flexor depending on your machine (Professional or Junior). However, the replacement ball works for both models. 
  • Eye Coach Carrying Bag Your 24/7 Portable Partner and Assistant Coach now has its own Carrying Bag! Makes practicing ANYWHERE easier than ever! Specially designed with Velcro strips for each part. Extra room for balls, shoes, water bottles. You can buy it separately or with an Eye Coach. Click here to purchase. 
  • Eye Coach Replacement Ball
  • Eye Coach Replacement Arm Flexor 

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