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OnCourt OffCourt has partnered with the Eye Coach team to create a new, one-of-a-kind pickleball training aid!

Introducing the Pickleball Eye Coach! 

Tennis legend Billie Jean King has inspired millions of tennis players, fans, and coaches. For decades, she has endorsed the Billie Jean King Eye Coach for tennis. 

That amazing product has inspired the Pickleball Eye Coach– the most versatile pickleball training aid on the market! 


Key Features:

Accelerated Learning - just 5 minutes a day with the Pickleball Eye Coach is equal to 1 hour of on-court practice.

Perfect Pickleball Practice - no matter your level of play, the Pickleball Eye Coach is the most efficient pickleball partner, letting you hyper-target and train specific skills. 

Elite Ball Striking Skills - the better you strike the ball, the harder and more accurate your shots and serves will be. The Pickleball Eye Coach will have you drastically improve your ball-striking skills in just minutes! 


Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the Pickleball Eye Coach allows you to work on 11 different shots, footwork, and positioning without the pressure of competition. Perfect your practice at home and watch your on-court performance skyrocket!

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