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Challenge:  I need an easy way to teach my players to bend their knees more and to improve their movement skills. I’m tired of yelling “bend your knees” or “get down and move lower” all the time.

Solution:  With the Flex Trainer, players will get the kinesthetic feeling of bending their knees and moving lower – no verbal instruction needed!

The Flex Trainer is an essential tool to help players of all ages and abilities improve their balance and movement skills. Each unit includes six bands allowing it to adjust to three different resistance levels. They gently pull players into a lower playing height (with knees slightly bent). Lower playing height is the key to more efficient movement.  The Flex Trainer is a "must have" training tool for improving your players’ movement skills. The Flex Trainer improves performance in the following sports: tennis, pickleball, football, baseball, basketball and more.

Made with heavy stitching, adjustable Velcro, and comfortable to wear.

Instructions included. 

Recommended age 10+


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Flex Trainer
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