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The Space Aid solves a major problem faced by recreational players in tennis and pickleball. We see it all the time. Players tend to hit the balls too close to their bodies with their elbows too bent. This results in a tight swing, which slows down the swing speed and therefore yields a slower ball speed as well. The big picture result is that players do not improve quickly and can get “stuck” on lower levels of play, even creating elbow injuries due to excessive arm tension. Works great for both volleys AND groundstrokes!

Use the Space Aid in practice with another player or while hitting on a backboard or ball machine to ensure your spacing from the ball is correct. Small adjusting steps are also very helpful to position yourself at the optimal distance from the ball. You should experience a more relaxed swing and feel like you have more power! 1. Twist the Space Aid onto the handle of any tennis racquet or pickleball paddle, hit a few balls or more until you get a feel for proper distancing or spacing from the ball. 2. Take off the Space Aid and see if you can maintain that same relaxed feel. If not, keep hitting with the Space Aid until you can remove it and maintain the same distance to the ball and relaxed swing!

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