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Key Features:

  • 100% Slip-Free Rungs
  • Best Value and Durability
  • Spend More Today, Save More Tomorrow
  • Made from eco-friendly materials!

Our SportLadder is now better than ever with a NEW and IMPROVED material –guaranteed to never slip! It is made of our patent pending non-slip material blend of plastics and rubber. Perfect for all of your on and off court training needs.

Challenge:  I need a ladder I can use on or off the court that won’t slip!

SolutionThe proprietary OnCourt OffCourt SportLadder is arguably the best footwork ladder in the world.  The SportLadder has flat-bottom rungs to minimize slipping if accidentally kicked, but the rungs are also rounded on the top to guide athletes to pick up their feet for ideal movement biomechanics.  Note that while flat rung ladders are also popular, the rounded top of our SportLadder automatically guides athletes towards better running and movement habits. If you care about your athletes, this is the investment to make!

Rungs are 18" apart and 16" long.  This 30-foot ladder comes in 2 parts and is brilliant yellow for increased focus and intensity. Also includes highly durable zipper case.

If you would like a FREE VIDEO DOWNLOAD for ideas on how to use the SportLadder please visit Please call 1-888-366-4711 if you need assistance with your download.

"Rounded rungs encourage proper heel lift while running.  If athletes kick the ladder, it's a sign that they need to raise their feet more.  For safety, perform each exercise alongside the ladder first.  Flat ladders may sound like a good idea, but raised ladder rungs develop much better movement skills!"

Joe Dinoffer
Owner and Founder
OnCourt OffCourt, Ltd.



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