Tennis MythBusters

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The 13 myth-busting concepts in this video download will challenge the way tennis has been taught for decades. After you watch this video, your belief in some of the most common phrases in tennis instruction will be changed forever. Running time: 103 minutes.

MythBuster #1: What’s the best way to learn?

MythBuster #2: Is the backscratch position on the serve good or bad?

MythBuster #3: Should you snap up or down on the serve?

MythBuster #4: Which shots are most important to practice?

MythBuster #5: Is watching the ball hit the strings a valid instruction?

MythBuster #6: Is “Racquet Back” still a good instruction?

MythBuster #7: Does the follow-through direct the ball?

MythBuster #8: Can you hit topspin by rolling over the ball? 

MythBuster #9: Should you squeeze the grip when contacting the ball?

MythBuster #10: Does good form guarantee powerful shots? 

MythBuster #11: How much power comes from stepping in on the volley?

MythBuster #12: Do you really want to punch your volleys?

MythBuster #13: Is side-shuffling the best way to move on a tennis court?  


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