Type P Pro Stick Massage Roller

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This muscle massage combination features the Footy Massage Ball and the Type P Pro Stick massage roller. The Footy tiny knobs connect deeply with the plantar fascia and provide relief for both muscle tightness and soreness. The Type P Pro stick massage tool offers soft and medium-density gears that accurately connect with the skin for muscle relief.

Enhanced Comfort for Deep Tissue Therapy

The Type P Pro massage roller features 3 different pinpoints precision gear types, blue and white gears have our softest Skin Surface Technology (SST) which gives a softer and more tactile feel to your massage. The grey and blue gears have our medium SST.

When used together, this duo provides a deep tissue massage on targeted areas of your body.

Recovery with a Unique Pinpointed Combo

The Footy’s tiny knobs help you to reach deep into the fascia, making it the perfect foot massage tool for plantar fasciitis relief.

The red gear allows you to reach hard-to-get-to areas or adds intensity to your massage. Its pinpoints precision gears target and massage deep tissues on hard-to-reach areas like the fascia, Achilles, shins, shoulders, and forearms.

2-in-1 Portable & Durable Set

  • Take it with you anywhere.
  • It’s easy to carry and portable to help take care of tired muscles on-the-go.
  • It’s made with durable material that can withstand your weight and won’t break down.

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Type P Pro Stick Massage Roller
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