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Instructions & Resources


Your choice of one of our mats (Get-a-Grip Mat and Foldable Yoga Mats) and NeuroMusuclar Balancing Training Video Download. This is the perfect foundational kit to get you started! 

Description of each item in the kit:

Foldable Yoga Mat:

The ORIGINAL foldable, multi-purpose rectangular mat. Our mat is eco-friendly and has a different texture on each side so you can get a better grip for your body and when placing on smooth surfaces. Fold your mat to desired widths in different sections depending on where you would like extra support. When folded, the mat also works great as a bolster and meditation cushion! See it in action!


1) Multi-Use 3-in-1 Mat: Use as a mat, bolster and meditation cushion!

2) Extra support: Fold to add extra support and cushioning under your hands and knees

3) Eco-friendly made from natural rubber

4) 2 textures: Each side has a different texture so you can get get a better grip for your body and on smooth surfaces

5) Lightweight: Light and easy to take with you anywhere!

6) High quality and durable yet at a competitive entry level price point. 

Get-A-Grip Yoga Mat:

Get-a-Grip and remember that yoga doesn't always have to be so serious. Relax and have fun and practice on this durable, non-slip, eco-friendly mat. Watch a demo from Kalindi!


1) Proprietary, non-slip texture for a solid grip to support even the most sweaty practices!

2) Made from eco-friendly, natural rubber

3) High quality and durable at a great price point

NeuroMuscular Balancing Video Download: 

NeuroMuscular Balancing for Performance, Pain Relief & Wellness (Run Time – 73 Min). Check out the trailer:

Since muscles pull bones, learn how to release, shorten, and lengthen appropriate muscle groups to bring the body toward balance. “Slacken” muscles in minutes even if they have been tight for years.

Some practices including yoga, sports, certain exercises and strength routines, may actually exacerbate common muscle imbalances. This training helps set a balanced foundation for athletes, performers, and anyone wanting a self-empowered approach to wellness.

This training comprises three parts plus bonus material; an Intro that may rewire the way you’ve thought about stretching, strengthening, and releasing muscles, a NeuroMuscular Balancing based gentle yoga class, and Integrating NeuroMuscular Balancing for Everyday and Lifelong Wellness. The bonus material includes a Mindful Walking meditation, an Obstacle Course exercise and an interview with Josh Warren. With proper understanding of muscle imbalances and consistent practice, this training helps take individuals to their next level and may help with issues including and not limited to neck, shoulder, back, knee, and hip pain.  

The instructor, Josh Warren, M.S., LMT, PTR, 500 Hour Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Certified Integrated Positional Therapist, holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Science concentrating in Sport Psychology; lived with low back pain for over seven years and tried numerous therapies and nothing was working. After finding a simple practice to start bringing the body into alignment, the pain quickly resolved. Having experienced this approach firsthand, Josh is eager to share this knowledge.


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Foundations Yoga Kit
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